Integrating Research With Practice.

Combine Education With Vacation!

Everyone with an interest in sensory integration, be it from a scientific or a practical perspective, join us for three days of exploring state-of-the-art Sensory Integration theory and practice, while exploring the beauties of Vienna! The theme of ESIC 2017, "Integrating Research With Practice", addresses the important issue of linking the more and more advanced scientific field with the practicing clinicans. A congress is a wonderful opportunity to bridge this gap!


If you are an occupational -, physical -, music -, or speech therapist, a psychologist or a physician, particularly a  neuropediatrician or child psychiatrist, an early interventionist, a preschool or school teacher, an  educator, a parent, or just someone who finds the topic of sensory integration fascinating: our scientific and social programs will offer plenty of opportunities for learning, empowerment, exchange, and networking. 

Program Overview



Wed, May 31: EASI Normative Data Collector Training 


Thu, June 1: Pre-Congress Workshop "From Evidence-Based Practice to Practice-Based Evidence" with Erna I. Blanche 


Fri, June 2: Congress day 1 with opening speech, keyonote lectures, parellel sessions, poster presentation, exhibition center, evening program (optional)


Sat, June 3: Congress day 2 with keynote lectures, parallel sessions, poster presentation, exhibition center, closing ceremony


  • Sight Seeing Tour: Thu., June 1, 18:00. Limited spaces! To be booked with your registration.
  • Presenters' Reception: Thu., June 1, 20:00. By invitation only.
  • Gala Diner: Fri, June 2, 19:30. A social evening to mix and mingle while enjoying lots of food and some surprises! Afterwards music and dance. To be booked with your registration.
  • Parents' Program

Thanks to Wientourismus, you will find more information on sightseeing opportunities for the weekend in your congress bag, such as a boat ride on the Danube, themed tours, or a stroll through the gardens of the royal palace in Schönbrunn.

Integrate your education with vacation and make these days fulfilling for your intellect, body, senses, and heart!

The date we chose for ESIC2017 should make it easier for some of the participants to add a few days following the congress and enjoy spring in Vienna: it is a long weekend in some countries because of the Pentacost holiday.

You will get a special rate for additional days at the Jufa hotel!

The ASI2020 Vision

The year 2020 marks what would have been the 100th birthday of Dr. A. Jean Ayres. In commemoration of this milestone, the following vision was proposed at ESIC 2014: Ayres Sensory Integration will have a strong, international presence with demonstrated scholarship, means for valid, comprehensive assessment and pathways for training to ensure the ongoing development, standards of excellence and effective implementation of this important work.


Goal 1: Scholarship

100 papers that further the understanding and evidence for ASI, will be published in peer reviewed journals (start date January 2013) (must reference or be consistent with Ayres Sensory Integration). Here you find the papers currently listed as reasearch articles true to Ayres SI published since 2013.


Goal 2: Development of an International Test - The Evaluation in Ayres Sensory Integration (EASI)

The purpose of the development of the EASI is to make a valid and reliable tool for assessing key sensory integration functions that underlie learning, behavior, and participation readily available to professionals around the world in a free and accessible format. The EASI measures sensory perception, sensory responsiveness, postural/ocular/bilateral integration, and praxis in children 3-12 years of age. The long range plan is to expand the items and normative sample so that the EASI can be used to assess sensory integration across the lifespan.    


Goal 3: Excellence in ASI(R) Therapy Training

The third goal of the ASI 2020 vision is that Sensory Integration training that includes clearly defined pathways for demonstrating competency in ASI, will be developed and available in 100 countries. A focus of ESIC 2017 will be on pathways of excellence for SI training and ensuring equivalency across countries.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

The first European SI Congress was held in 2003 in Austria, and 14 years later it is returning! Much bigger, more developed and much more professional! But hopefully the same meaningful and inspiring event! 

SI Conference 2003 at Schloss Krumbach, Austria
SI Conference 2003 at Schloss Krumbach, Austria

The previous ESIC congresses included:

  • Algarve, Portugal in 2011
  • Naantali, Finland in 2014 
  • Birmingham, UK in 2015

Moving forward, the meeting will become the 'International Congress of Sensory Integration Research and Practice' as the 6th edition of the congress in 2018 will move out of Europe to South Africa.